Collectors Showcase of America October 2021 — Items Due By October 12th

We will be attending the CSA Shows sports card show on October 22-24, in Chantilly, VA, and if you are unable to attend we can get your item signed for you and mailed back to you quickly and safely, all items will include a COA from or we can get your item authenticated by Beckett Authentication Services for $8 per autograph. If you are unable to pick up your item(s) after the signing please include appropriate return shipping fees $8 small flats and minis, $12 jerseys and 16×20’s, $17 full size helmets. Please call or email if you have multiple items and we can combine shipping. There may also be a shipping fee for oversize items whether dropped off in store or shipped to us. If you have an oversize item please contact us for shipping instructions before sending the item. Insurance for return shipping is $1 per $100 of insurance. Insurance is required for any item you feel is valued over $1000. It is your responsibility to inform us of the items value at the time we receive the item(s). will not be responsible if you choose not to insure your package.

Guests will not add inscriptions to items they have previously signed.

We also offer unsigned product if you do not have an item. Please ask email or call our stores for available product.

Please click the following link to print a mail order form to send with your item(s). Mail order form


Alexander, Shaun $65 any item, $25 inscription
Bailey, Champ $100 flat/mini, $130 premiums, $50 inscription
Bettis, Jerome $140 small flats, $160 16×20/mini, $185 premiums, $65 inscription
Bleier, Rocky $40 any item, 1 Free inscription, $10 each additional inscription (max 3)
Byner, Earnest $25 any item, $10 inscription
Campbell, Earl $70 any item, Free HOF or HT 77 ONLY
Clemens, Roger $175 flats up to 11×14/balls, $225 16×20/mini/starting lineups/mini homeplates, $300 OS flats/jerseys/gloves/rubbers/bats/caps/equipment, $100 inscription (max 3 words and limit of 2 per item), TBD game used/artwork
*** He will not sign unlicensed jerseys, any item related to steroids, Piazza items
Dawson, Andre TBD
Dawson, Dermontti $40 any item, HOF Free, $20 additional inscription
DeLamielleure, Joe $40 any item, Free HOF, $15 any additional inscription (max 3)
Dickerson, Eric $90 flat/mini, $110 premiums, HOF Free inscription, $40 any other inscription
English, Alex $40 any item, Free HOF, $15 additional inscriptions
Faulk, Marshall $90 flat/mini, $110 premiums, $40 inscription
Flair, Ric $100 any item other than belts, $130 belts, $70 inscription (3 words or less), $150 inscription “To be the man you gotta beat the man” or “Jet flyin Limousine ridin”
Fuqua, French $25 any item, 1 Free inscription, $10 additional inscriptions
Greene, Joe $100 small flats, $120 16×20/mini $140 premiums, HOF Free, $45 each for any of these inscriptions ONLY (4x SB Champs, 2x DPOY, ’69 DROY, 10x Pro Bowl)
Griese, Bob TBD
Hall, Dante $40 any item, $10 inscription
Ham, Jack $50 any item, 1 Free inscription, $20 each additional inscription (max 3)
Hays, Austin $50 any item, $20 inscription
Hearst, Garrison $40 any item, $15 inscription
Issel, Dan $40 any item, Free HOF, $15 additional inscriptions
Jurgensen, Sonny $100 flat/mini, $125 premiums, HOF Free ONLY
Kaat, Jim $40 flat/balls, $60 premiums/rookie cards, $20 inscriptions
Lambert, Jack $100 small flats, $120 16×20/mini, $140 premiums, HOF Free, $35 any other inscription
Law, Ty $75 flat/mini, $95 premiums, $35 inscription
Levens, Dorsey $40 any item, $15 inscription
Lewis, Jamal $50 any item, $20 inscription
Lewis, Ray $175 flat/mini, $195 premium, $65 inscription
Makjowski, Don $40 any item, $10 inscription
Mandarich, Tony $40 any item, $10 inscription
Mason, Derrick $50 any item, $20 inscription
Mix, Ron $55 any item, Free HOF, $15 additional inscriptions (max 3)
Means, Natrone $40 any item, $15 inscription
Morris, Mercury TBD
Moore, Lenny $40 any item, Free HOF
Moulds, Eric $40 any item, $15 inscription
Ogden, Jonathan $50 any item, Free HOF, $20 any other inscription (max 3)
Pepitone, Joe $25 any item, $10 inscription
Riggins, John $100 small flat, $140 16×20/mini, $160 premiums, $40 inscription
Russell, Andy $40 any item, $20 inscription
Rypien, Mark $50 any item, 1 Free inscription, $20 each additional inscription (max 3)
Sampson, Ralph $50 any item, HOF Free, $20 any additional inscriptions
Santiago, Benito $35 any item, $20 inscription
Shell, Donnie $50 any item, Free HOF, $20 additional inscriptions
Stallworth, John $130 flat/mini, $150 premiums, $60 inscriptions
Taylor, Fred $50 any item, $25 inscription
Taylor, Jason TBD
Thomas, Emmitt $40 any item, Free HOF
Thomas, JT $25 any item, 1 Free inscription, $10 additional inscriptions
Thomas, Zach $100 flat/mini, $130 premiums, $25 inscriptions, $200 game used items
Ward, Charlie $40 any item, $15 inscription
Webb, Spud $40 any item, $15 inscription
Williams, Doug $75 any item, Free inscription, $20 each additional inscription (max 3)

All Players have the right to refuse certain inscriptions

If you provide a pen with your item, we cannot guarantee that the pen you provide will be used for the signing. In addition, if the pen provided is used and it does not work or is less than desirable Denver Autographs will not be held responsible

Please call either of our store locations for more information or drop off your item at our Colorado Mills or Flatirons store or you can ship your item to:
14500 W Colfax Ave #383
Lakewood, CO 80401
1 W Flatiron Crossing Dr #2296
Broomfield CO 80021

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